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Cuteness Overload!

I'm amazed by the talents of troll lovers.  These beauties are by Patricia Krause from La Quinta, CA.  Thanks, Patricia, for letting me share!



Trolltastic Mail Lady!

I have the greatest mail carrier! She gave me this awesome troll cake pan, so I made her a "thank you" cake. It looks a little like Cartman from Southpark...lol.


Bath Time

Every girl likes a good bubble bath. Lady trolls are no exception. This Scandia House ballerina is having a much needed soak in the tub. I think it was her first in 50+ years!


Spring Fling!  Relaxing in the azalea bush on a beautiful spring day.  The blooms match her eyes - gorgeous! 


Bedrock Decor  My rock furniture inspiration came from my favorite childhood cartoon, The Flintstones!


VIT In The House!  This guy's a Green Beret, which makes him pretty special, and his distinguished provenance solidifies his title of VIT (very impressive troll).  He was from the personal collection of Mother of Trolls, Inge Dykins.  Ms. Dykins was the proprietress of Scandia House Enterprises, and introduced trolls to the US in 1961.  Niels Dam, son of Thomas Dam, signed the certificate of authenticity.  I'm proud to own this VIT!


It All Started With...

My troll addiction started when this Scandia House beauty skated into my life.  She was from the collection of Debra Clark, author of the Troll Price Guide, and is featured on page 77 of the book!